I specialize in art direction and UI design for web, games and applications.
Working with both small and major clients that are looking for unique design.


Game and App UI Design 

Without an appealing and intuitive UI any game or application falls flat. I work close with my clients to enhance their games visualizing the interaction between the player and the game. My UI design service covers everything from game menus, in game HUD:s (head up displays) in game layouts and UI related content such as icons and items.


Game Art Direction

A through-worked graphic style for a game is essential for it’s success. When working with a team of graphic artists creating different assets for the game it’s crucial to have a art director to direct the graphic style.
I have done art direction for several game productions together with a team of artists and sometimes for minor productions also worked “hands-on” with creating the necessary graphical assets for the game.
The game art direction includes the creation of style guides, key visuals such as logo designs and general visual concepts of the game.


Game Art Assets Production

I also work with the management of creation of game graphics.
The art production consider pre-rendered game assets in 2d or 3d, such as icons, exteriors and interiors, background, objects etc.


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