About Us

A Creative Scandinavian Studio.

Creating outstanding 3D visualization and intuitive UI designs.

Our Team.

A sharp trio taking 3D Visualizations to it’s next level.

3D Visualization

We bring life to architect blueprints and ideas with realistic and conceptual 3D visualizations. We have completed several major interior and exterior visualization projects for Scandinavian real estate developers and are working close with clients across the borders.

3D Animation

We can take your real estate and architecture project to a higher level with realistic 3D animations. We do both exterior and interior 3D animations that can be used for marketing and pre-sales. The animations will help your customers to understand the full potential of your development and promote your visual idea of living.

UI Design

We have a great passion for UI design and have a long experience of creating graphic interfaces for games and apps. Regardless of themes we take on both minor and major game projects creating intuitive graphic UI designs.

Art Direction

A part from making realistic 3D architecture, we also do art direction for games. We have long experience of leading art production for games using pre-rendered graphics. Regardless style we can render environments and items for your game production and come up with a unique and cohesive design for your games.