Interior visualization workflow

Interior visualization

We create our 3D interiors in three steps. In the first step we make sure that the interior is according to the blueprints, step two confirm the fixed interiors and materials. And in the final step we add loose interiors and objects and adjust the final lightning.

Interior visualization workflow

From blueprint to visualization

As a client you provide us with your 2D blueprints, preferable covering all views with references to fixed interiors such as lamp fittings, frames and panels as well as materials and color codes.

We are happy to provide you with interior concepts and create mood boards for your real estate projects. You can also have your architect team providing us with reference for the interior design.

Interiors are made in three steps

From plans to 360 Views

For each interior we quickly create a draft render that your interior architect can use for planing the interior design in detail. The final image can then be turned into a virtual 360 view.

Exterior visualization workflow

Exterior visualization

We work with the architects blue prints and CAD models together with the conceptual description of the project. After turning the blue prints into 3D models we find the rights views and camera angles for the exterior renders.

Once the main geometry for the exterior have been built we work together with the client and architects to find the right camera angels for the exterior views.  Once the views have been decided we move forward with the 3D scene.

Exteriors are made into full 3d scenes

From plans to animation

During the process of working towards the final render of the exterior view, the client are able to comment and make adjustments to materials and details. When the exteriors are done wan bring them to life with our full animation service and visualize your real estate in different weather and during all the seasons.